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Our goal is to ensure that every child and young person, regardless of their background, gets a chance to learn skills that are important for their future. We strengthen the readiness of children and young people to meet the needs of changing working life, to manage their daily lives and to identify their own strengths.

Together with our wide and international partner community, we build bridges between children and young people and a functional working life.

JA Finland Path of Education

Junior Achievement (JA) Finland offers programs supporting the learning of working life, financial skills  and entrepreneurship to levels ranging from pre-primary education to higher education. The programs have been built in accordance with the objectives of the curriculums.

Course descriptions and material are available mostly in Finnish and Swedish. However, the following courses and materials are available also in English:

  • JA Company Program for secondary school, upper secondary school and higher education
  • Moneymaster for lower secondary school and secondary school
  • Duunikoutsi app for secondary school and upper secondary school

Below you can find the descriptions of these courses and materials.

JA Company Program

The JA Company Program is a learning program that combines theory and practice. Its objectives are learning and developing entrepreneurial skills and an entrepreneurial attitude.

The program offers a turnkey solution for teachers to teach entrepreneurship. The program also provides an opportunity to participate in competitions and events that support learning and to access a teacher network.

For the student, the program is a fun and practical tool for learning entrepreneurship and workplace skills. During the program, students will, individually or in a group, establish a JA company using real money, in accordance with their own interests and skills. If they want, students can also participate in national competitions and events.

The JA Company Program is available for lower secondary schools, upper secondary educational institutions and higher education institutions. Select a program in the list below to view the course descriptions.

JA Company Program – Lower Secondary School

JA Company Program – Upper Secondary School

JA Company Program – Higher Education


Duunikoutsi app to support job search

Duunikoutsi is a free of charge mobile application aimed at young people aged 13 to 25. The content of the app is suited to young people applying for a TET period placement, summer job or an internship, or a job.

Duunikoutsi app includes everything a young person might need to know about working life: job hunting tips, a step-by-step guide to the job application process, tools to practice for a job interview, encouraging quizzes, ground rules for working life and inspiring videos.

More information about Duunikoutsi

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Moneymaster is a learning package about economic topics for 8th graders. Based on the curriculum, this comprehensive unit allows students to familiarize themselves with personal finance management, consumerism, saving, and investing.

The game is targeted at 13–17-year-olds and is free for everyone to play. It will take about 45–60 minutes to play through the game.

Moneymaster teaches everyday financial skills. the player lives daily life as a young person and makes choices about their finance. The game will introduce young people to making considered decisions, harmonising saving and spending, and trading in securities. The most successful players will manage their overall finances well, and collect not only cash but also experiences. Moneymaster has been designed and implemented by Junior Achievement (JA) Finland (former Economy and Youth TAT), Nordea and the Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion. The game studio 10Monkeys has been in charge of technical implementation.

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