JA Company Program – Higher Education

The JA Company Program is a learning program that combines theory and practice. Its objectives are learning and developing entrepreneurial skills and an entrepreneurial attitude.

The program offers a turnkey solution for higher education teachers to teach entrepreneurship. The program also provides an opportunity to participate in competitions and events that support learning and to access a teacher network.

For the student, the programme is a fun and practical tool for learning entrepreneurship and workplace skills. During the program, students will, individually or in a group, establish a JA company using real money, in accordance with their own interests and skills. If they want, students can also participate in national competitions and events.

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To whom For lower secondary schools, upper secondary educational institutions and higher education institutions
Duration Semester, academic year, calendar year or 12 months
Content Ready-made learning material and support for implementation

Learning objectives

The Ministry of Education and Culture Entrepreneurship for Education – Guidelines in Finland (2017) names the JA Company Program as one of the methods to implement entrepreneurship education on the upper secondary level in accordance with the new curricula.

Personal skills 

These are general workplace skills, such as interaction, negotiation, project management and teamwork skills. 

Innovation skills 

The development of innovation skills is a process ranging from discovering one’s own idea and assessing the operating environment to productising and piloting the idea. 

Business skills 

Business skills include the basic skills needed in business operations, such as marketing, basics of accounting, management and project management. 

What does ordering the JA Company Program offer?

The program offers a turnkey solution for a lower secondary school teacher to teach entrepreneurship.


See the education material

  • Ready-made materials and exercises

  • A national network of teachers

  • An online learning environment


Program themes

The program consists of 16 learning modules.


It is possible to implement the program in different time limits. Recommended durations are one semester, academic year or calendar year. The operating time is defined according to the schedule of the educating institution. We are happy to guide you in good practices.

Program implementation

If this raised your interest, we will train the teachers to implement the program and to use the study materials. In other words, they do not need to have prior experience in the subject. 

The program is an excellent route for working in a network in one’s own operating environment, or even to market one’s educational institution. Student companies are covered extensively in the national media every year. 

Teacher, talk to your supervisor if you want to be the teacher responsible for the JA Company Program. Contact us and participate in our free-of-charge training. We will help you get started and support you in the implementation of the program. 

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