The game that teaches everyday financial skills


Finance-related study package for eighth-graders

Moneymaster is a study package covering financial themes for eighth-graders. The package is based on the National Core Curriculum and enables pupils to get familiar with taking care of their finances, spending, saving and investing. The package comprises the free Moneymaster mobile game as well as instructional materials that go deeper into the game’s themes for home economics, mother tongue and mathematics classes. The game and instructional materials can also be adapted to be used in other subjects in grades 7 to 9. The instructional materials are available at the bottom of the page.

The Moneymaster game can be played as such or as part of teaching in accordance with the instructional materials.

Moneymaster was designed by JA Finland, Nordea and the Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion. The teachers’ materials and curricula for the different subjects were created by JA Finland. 10Monkeys is responsible for the technical implementation of the game.

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The total duration of the game is 45–60 minutes. The game is free of charge, and no registration is required. You can play it on a phone, computer or tablet. The game can even be divided to various lessons. The game can be played in English, Finnish and Swedish.

The game can be played in one go or in parts. Previous achievements will be stored. If a pupil continues the game with the same device in the next class, it will remember where the player left off. The game consists of six chapters which the player will play in order. During each chapter, the player will collect money and experience points on their account by making various choices.

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