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Practising future skills is at the core of learning. We are doing our part to ensure that children and young people learn skills to meet the needs of changing working life and to manage their daily lives at school and dare to look forward to the future. 

We encourage children and young people to find their strengths

With the help of our service path, every child and young person learns to identify their own strengths, gets excited about the future and finds the courage to pursue their dreams. In addition to working life, economic and entrepreneurial skills, our services strengthen the sense of inclusion and encourage young people to work towards a more equal and sustainable society.

For teachers and schools

Education materials for all school levels

Junior Achievement Finland offers programs supporting the learning of working life, financial skills  and entrepreneurship to levels ranging from pre-primary education to higher education. The programs have been built in accordance with the objectives of the curriculums. The JA Company program for secondary school and higher education is available also in English.

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For young people

Find your strengths and encourage a friend!

Have completed the JA Company program? Apply to become a JA ambassador and inspire other young people with your own story.

Each year, we train a group of JA Ambassadors who go and tell their own Company program story at schools and events.

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Our operations reach 200 000 children and young people
Our services are used in 267 municipalities
Around 90 % of 6th and 9th graders participate in Yrityskylä

Our partners

Become a partner with JA Finland

As our partner you will support the financial skills, work readiness, and entrepreneurial skills of children and young people. You will reach your company’s future employees, and create awareness of your industry among entire age groups through experiences and joy. At the same time, you will be making a socially significant contribution to the well-being of young individuals and an equitable future.

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