JA Finland is a nationwide, non-profit organization. We offer experiential and engaging educational content for schools and educational institutions. Our goal is for children and youth to feel inspired and excited about the future.

Junior Achievement Finland

JA Finland became stronger 2023 when two organisations – JA Finland and Economy and youth TAT – combined their operations. Nowadays, we have about 70 permanent employees and we also employ around 150 part-time seasonal workers in our Yrityskylä activities. JA Finland is part of a global Junior Achievement network.

Our global mission

JA inspires and prepares young people to succeed in the global economy.

Our goal is to ensure that every child and young person can learn working life, entrepreneurial and economic skills and find their place in the society.

Nuorten yrittäjyys ja talous NYT Lauttasaaren nuoret

We work for the future of young people

JA Finland offers schools, educational institutions and municipalities services and learning modules that support working life, entrepreneurial and economic skills. Our services cover learning modules for all educational levels.

Our goal is to ensure that every child and young person, regardless of their background, gets a chance to learn skills that are important for their future. We strengthen the readiness of children and young people to meet the needs of changing working life, to manage their daily lives and to identify their own strengths.

Together with our wide and international partner community, we build bridges between young people and working life. We believe an active and functional society is created when everyone is taken on board at an early stage. Our operations are funded by several municipalities, organisations, ministries and foundations as well as private individuals.

JA Worldwide nominated for the 2024 Nobel Peace Prize – third nomination in three years

JA Finland (Nuorten yrittäjyys ja talous NYT) is a member of JA Worldwide.

Founded 105 years ago, Junior Achievement (JA) is one of the largest youth-serving NGOs in the world, delivering over 17 million student learning experiences for employment and entrepreneurship last year. Operating in over 100 countries, JA teaches youth to develop the skillset and mindset to create businesses, find meaningful employment, and build healthy cities and towns.

JA has also operated in areas of political instability, violence, and war, helping youth build entrepreneurship skills and economic resilience.

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Our global vision

We envision a world in which young people have the skillset and mindset to build thriving communities

Global values of JA

  • Believe in the boundless potential of young people
  • Advocate for relevant hands-on learning
  • Build a more sustainable world
  • Approach our work with passion, honesty, integrity and excellence
  • Seek out diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and talents in our staff, volunteers, and board
  • Nurture the power of partnership and collaboration

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