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The Young Entrepreneurs’ Finnish Championship goes to Etu-Töölö Upper Secondary School: Hunajaheput NYT win the Uskalla Yrittää finals

The Helsinki-based Hunajaheput NYT was named the best JA company of the year at the Uskalla Yrittää finals held in the capital between 24 April and 25 April. Almost 60 practice companies and approximately 200 young people from comprehensive schools and upper secondary educational institutions from across the country took part in the finals of Finland’s most significant entrepreneurship competition for young people. At the event, the award for the best mini-company of the year went to BuzzNest from Kesämäen koulu comprehensive school in Lappeenranta. The event was organised by Junior Achievement (JA) Finland.

Uskalla Yrittää 2024 -finaalin voittajakuva Lasipalatsin BioRexissa.

In the finals held at the Mall of Tripla, the young JA entrepreneurs presented their products and services at the trade fair. Those who wanted to participate also took part in the sales pitch competition. A jury of business and education professionals interviewed and evaluated the JA companies. In addition to the main prize, prizes were awarded to the young people’s companies in 10 different categories.

All the young people who took part in the finals have studied in this academic year’s JA Company Program. During their studies, they have established a practice company using real money, in accordance with their own interests and skills.

Increased interest in entrepreneurship

According to the results of JA Finland’s Tulevaisuusraportti survey, which will be published in May, young people are increasingly interested in entrepreneurship. 45 per cent of respondents say they could work as an entrepreneur (2023: 40 per cent).

JA Finland’s CEO Jenni Järvelä says that the wishes of young people have been heard at JA Finland.

– The JA Company Program is a unique opportunity for many young people to test their wings as an entrepreneur in a safe environment and to gather courage for their own future. Our goal is to double the number of young people attending the JA Company Program annually by 2027.

Approximately 4,900 young people are attending the JA Company Program this year. Approximately 1,000 of them participated in the Uskalla Yrittää regional events and the finals. The JA Company Program is available for lower secondary schools, upper secondary educational institutions and higher education institutions.

Award-winning JA companies

Finland’s Best JA Company in 2024, comprehensive school and upper secondary level: Hunajaheput NYT
Etu-Töölö Upper Secondary School, Helsinki

Business concept: The company sells its own honey to customers.

The jury’s arguments: A specific and special business idea where expertise is highlighted. The product development and product range development are amazing: not just honey, but a number of different products, as well as e.g. a “godparent hive” service. A clear vision for the future and growth as well as the potential of the industry. Great consideration for ecological sustainability that preserves biodiversity.

The award-winning JA company will represent Finland in the JA Company Program’s European Championship, to be held in Catania, Italy in July 2024.


Best Sole Entrepreneur: Waves NYT
Stadin AO, Helsinki Vocational College and Adult Institute, Helsinki

Business concept: Waves creates on-trend collections in fabrics made from ocean-bound plastic waste and recycled fibres.

The jury’s arguments: The business idea is to offer ecological clothing to young people. Recycling, eco-friendliness and sustainability are taken into account. The entrepreneur does everything by themselves: designs, plans and sews. The plans are to continue as a global brand.

The award for the best sole trader was presented by Suomen Yrittäjät.


Best Business Concept: Aurora NYT
Vamia, Vaasa

Business concept: A journal for thoughts and reflection, with pages to fill in and stories of other people’s experiences.

The jury’s arguments: Social responsibility is at the core of the business. The company has identified a serious problem and tried to solve it in a pleasant way. Overall, the company was fantastic and showcased its values strongly.  The company already had partners in both content production and charity. They had a strong goal of internationalisation.

The award for the best business idea was presented by SEB.


Future Innovator: BizyGames NYT
Juhani Aho Lower Secondary School, Iisalmi

Business concept: The company’s goal is to teach children about entrepreneurship and finance in a fun and easy-to-understand way through board games.

The jury’s arguments: A societally impactful business idea that encourages young people to start entrepreneurship and is therefore very impactful. The idea is scalable and can easily be converted into an international product. Sales work has been done efficiently and the product has been well commercialised. An effectively presented product, from youth to youth.

The award for the future innovator was presented by Innovestor.


Best Responsible Company: GreenPower NYT
Spesia Vocational College, Jyväskylä

Business concept: A JA company for property management students that produces services and products for property management and green areas. There are products made from recycled wood chips in production.

The jury’s arguments: Responsibility is at the core of the business, and responsible practices benefit the company’s stakeholders and the environment. An ecological design product that is innovated from surplus materials and can be recycled after use. The company has the potential to employ more people and has a clear plan for growth.

The award for the best responsible company was presented by OP.


Best Product: Halla Tea NYT
Etelä-Tapiola General Upper Secondary School, Espoo

Business concept: Ice tea with flavours inspired by the nature of Arctic Finland.

The jury’s arguments: The company has brought Nordic flavours alongside traditional ice tea flavours. The product tasted good and it was a very well branded whole. The team was energetic and active, and the roles of the entire team were clear. Pricing was carefully thought-out and clear. The team presented their future plans well.


Best Service: Karhukopla Kiinteistöpalvelut NYT
Vihti General Upper Secondary School, Vihti

Business concept: The company is a property maintenance service company specialised in moving, snow removal, lawn mowing and yard enhancement.

The jury’s arguments: The traditional business idea has been made attractive and interesting through branding. In terms of the operating profit, the company’s work is convincing. The team has a great team spirit, and their plans for the future are to expand the business.

The award for best service was presented by Fennia.


Best Sales Team: Shameless NYT
Tampere Vocational College Tredu, Tampere

Business concept: The company offers its customers personalised sports trousers designed to fit their own body very well.

The jury’s arguments: A very well-thought-out and practised sales pitch. All team members are very active. They know the product and are excited about what they do. They were able to tell a great story about the problem and the solution. They have an active but customer-centric way of selling with the customer perspective as their starting point. They reached customers by always being at the front of the point of sale.

The award for the best sales team was presented by Elo.


Best Exhibition Stand: Ainoo NYT
WinNova, Pori

Business concept: Ainoo NYT mainly produces consumables and gift products for babies.

The jury’s arguments: The trade fair stand is a clearly structured visual whole with a clear and inviting presentation and price list. The trade fair stand attracted the customer closer to learn about the company’s operations and aroused the customer’s interest. The brand had been taken into account in the decorations. A really great and colourful whole!


Separate Competition – Best Sales Pitch: Spotless NYT
Petolahti Lower Secondary School, Maalahti

Business concept: The company sells non-toxic, fragrance-free and eco-friendly dishwasher tablets that are free from microplastics and other chemicals.

The jury’s arguments: The sales pitch had a successful structure and it was memorable. The presentation was confident and cheerful. The starting point of the sales pitch was customer-centric and the implementation in three languages was particularly convincing. Overall, the presentation was a great growth story where a small failure was turned into a win.

The winner of the best sales pitch award was selected among the participants of a separate sales pitch competition.


Alumni Leadership: Lenny Sopanen
Etu-Töölö Upper Secondary School, Helsinki

Uskalla yrittää -kilpailun palkittu 2024 Lenny Sopanen


The jury’s arguments: The awarded person showed a positive and inspiring attitude. He took responsibility for the various functions of the company and had a clear passion for entrepreneurship. The plans for the future were well-thought-out and showed a clear interest in entrepreneurship. He had a clear grip on leadership and his entire team stood behind him.

The Alumni Leadership award was presented by JA alumni (JA Alumni Finland ry).

Awarded Mini-Companies

The association’s event also rewarded mini-companies in primary schools.

Best Mini-Company of the Year: BuzzNest
Kesämäki Comprehensive School, Lappeenranta



Best Sales Pitch: Makean nälkä

Polvijärvi Lower Secondary School, Polvijärvi




See more and download photos

See photos of the awarded JA Companies as well as the overall atmosphere of the final event here.

Photo credit: JA Finland / Eficic

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