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Duunikoutsi teaching materials for upper secondary education

NYT Duunikoutsi

Duunikoutsi, that has been developed together with OKM, EK, Oikotie and SAK, gives young people concrete information about job search and working life skills. With the app, young people can create a pre-filled skills-based CV and by completing Duunikoutsi challenges and task, they will receive coaching on how to look for a job and how to prepare for a job interview. As an important part of future working life skills, Duunikoutsi helps young people practice self-knowledge, like identifying and presenting their own strengths and skills.

You can use Duunikoutsi as an informal tool in coaching young people, but to make your job easier for you, Junior Achievement (JA) Finland provides a ready made teaching materials together with exercises for you to use in upper secondary education.

Content of the teaching materials

The teaching materials includes a lesson plan for upper secondary students. The introduction is meant to present the app to the students, together with how to download it and how to open it for the first time. The exercises focus on the following themes:

Part 1: Self-knowledge as a working life skill of the future

  1. Consider your strengths
  2. My skills
  3. Recognise your values
  4. Towards working life

Part 2: Towards working life

  1. Search for jobs
  2. Job application and CV
  3. Job interview
  4. At work

Exercises from each section include smaller tasks for the students to complete with Duunikoutsi. There is a mix of individual tasks and reflective conversations with a pair or the whole group. You can use all exercises for a complete lesson or use smaller sections as stand alone exercises.

Download here:

Please note! The app and its content is being regularly updated and therefore there might be some changes to the teaching materials as well. We recommend downloading the material from this page whenever you need it. 

Published: 05/2022

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